Untold stories of Chinese Anzacs remembered in Guangzhou

Guests tour the exhibition at the library. [Photo: Newsgd.com/Monica]

There is a story behind each photo. Behind the photos in the exhibition of “Chinese Anzacs: Chinese Australians and World War I”, there are little-known stories about the role of Chinese Australians (and Chinese New Zealanders) in the ANZAC legend.

(ANZAC: Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, a First World War army corps of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. It was formed in Egypt in 1915, and operated during the Battle of Gallipoli.)

Now these stories are going to be known by more people in Guangzhou, as the exhibition is being held at the Multiculture Library (8th floor) of Guangzhou Library for one month.

Guests pose for a group photo at the opening ceremony. [Photo: Newsgd.com/Monica]

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held at the library in the afternoon of May 9. Guests from the Consulates General of foreign countries in Guangzhou and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Province attended the ceremony, along with media representatives and visitors.

By oneself, in pairs or in groups, people present were absorbed in watching the photos and reading the stories behind them. Unanimously, almost all of them described the exhibition as meaningful.

“It is really meaningful. I got to know more about the Chinese Anzacs through this exhibition. There were also many Chinese and Chinese descendants who fought for the countries in Europe at that time,” a cultural officer from the Consulate General of Italy in Guangzhou told the reporter.

“This exhibition is really significative. It marks the contributions and sacrifices of the Chinese ANZACs to Australia. It has positive significance on the friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and Australia,” said Mr. Lin Lin, Deputy Party Secretary of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Province.