Attention! You & Your kid can’t get on coach without this

According to a new regulation issued by Ministry of Transport of China, adults and children are required to show their ID cards or passports when they buy tickets of long-distance bus.

How to buy coach tickets?

1. Buy tickets in coach station

If you buy tickets in coach station, the ticket seller will register your personal information on the ticket.

2.Get on the coach with ticket-free children

You can collect the ticket with your child’s passport in coach station.

3.Buy tickets on internet

You should fill in your passport information when buying ticket online and collect ticket with your passport.

4. Refund or endorse the ticket

You should show the passport which used to buy the ticket.

You can also buy the ticket with Residence Permit, Allen’s Exit-Entry Permit, Diplomatic Certificate, Seafarer’s Passport and


1. Passengers should show valid ticket together with valid identity documents when entering the station;

2. Each valid ID or passport can be used to buy one ticket only.

By Steven